England: Land Of The Doomed West

Former police inspector arrested after confronting gang who threatened to kill him

A retired police officer, who bravely challenged yobs when a beer can was thrown at his car late at night, was horrified to be later arrested himself and thrown in a cell.

Former Inspector Paul Lawson, 52, intended to make a citizen’s arrest, but sensibly backed down when the youths surrounding him threatened to kill him and smash up his vehicle.

He reported the incident in Morpeth to two police officers on patrol in the area, but they refused to take action.

One of the gang later claimed to have been assaulted by Mr Lawson and this time Northumbria Police did intervene.

Really, it’s getting like Bizarro World over there.

Why aren’t the officers who refused to take action up on charges of dereliction of duty?

And this guy, he just begs to be fired:

Chief Inspector John Barnes, of the Northumbria Police, refused to comment on the incident, adding: ‘Anyone who feels unhappy with the way they have been treated by Northumbria Police can always make use of our official complaints procedure.’

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One Comment on “England: Land Of The Doomed West”

  1. selftappingscrewkit Says:

    lolzzaa i love this stuff !!! England is a crazy place !!

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