eBooks: More About Covers

From top_book via Twitter:

Killer Covers — not the sort of thing applicable to fiction. In fact, barely applicable to non-fiction that doesn’t want to appear to be snake oil. Still, I found the fact this exists to be interesting.

Via Twitter from kottke:

Show of Talent
Creativity and Penguin lead a search for America’s next great book cover. Check out the 25 finalists.

There are twenty-five covers there vying for the win. What few of these designers have taken into account is that these covers will most likely be turned into eight shades of gray for a Sony Reader.

Look at the transformation:

And those are three of the covers that work. There are others that would be transformed into absolute mud.

A cover has to have two versions: One in color, to place on a website and to use for future Print-On-Demand — and the same one that will work with monochrome eInk screens.

Even design professionals can forget that. But you shouldn’t.

It will be interesting to see if Penguin chooses a winner with that in mind!

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One Comment on “eBooks: More About Covers”

  1. […] However, a cover that is simple and bold in greyscale runs the risk of being rather dull when in colour. In my next post I’ll be discussing covers that work well in greyscale and in colour. For other opinions on working in greyscale see Mike Cane. […]

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