Europeana: FAIL!

New Digital Library Started Its Work

It looks like Europeana is going to become a serious competitor of Google. This new digital library was launched by the European Union this Thursday. Now with a single click of your mouse you can get access to the world’s cultural heritage.

After reading just that one paragraph, I clicked through to Europeana and got this:


I mean, wtf did they expect?!

And again America’s tech industry reigns supreme (well, once Twitter stops its FAILs!).

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One Comment on “Europeana: FAIL!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yea, I saw that. 10M hits/hour is less than 2800 hits/sec. Doesn’t really seem like that much to engineer for, these days. (They didn’t expect with all their hype that there’d be a big surge the first few days?)

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