Writer Emma Larkins Does A Turkey Story

Storytime: Trippin’ on Thanksgiving Joy

She actually got in all the story suggestions she was given, with as few words as possible.

And then she gets cruel and vindictive and mean:

And to the wonderful people who offered suggestions, here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a Christmas story on your blog!

I didn’t know she was that heartless!

Actual real-life photo of Emma Larkins issuing story challenge!

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2 Comments on “Writer Emma Larkins Does A Turkey Story”

  1. Emma Larkins Says:

    Hey! That’s not very nice, or accurate. I’m not nearly that British.

    Are you saying that you won’t be able to summon the Christmas Spirit? You’re one of the most ‘spirited’ people I know!

    And yeah, I’m just awesome like that. Of course, if SOMEONE hadn’t kept telling me to stick more things in my story, it would have been a whole lot easier…

  2. mikecane Says:

    I gave you separate ingredients! YOU decided to make a STEW! Ha!

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