It’s The Amazing Kreskin’s Birthday!


Today, January 12th, is The Amazing Kreskin‘s 73rd birthday!

He’s still amazing.

The Amazing Kreskin MySpace Page.

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4 Comments on “It’s The Amazing Kreskin’s Birthday!”

  1. Thank you for posting this blog to bring awareness of the birthday of this amazing man, and to send him our good wishes. You are a true friend!

  2. Eleanor Says:

    I would like to send my sincere good wishes to The Amazing Kreskin. I highly admire his many talents, and send positive thoughts for many more years for the world to enjoy him. A very Happy Birthday to THE AMAZING KRESKIN!

  3. patricia wright Says:

    I think T A is Fantastik! He came to West Milford a couple of years ago to do a fund raiser for our local animal shelter. I sure hope that he can return sometime soon.
    Happy Birthday Dear Kreskin!

  4. RR Says:

    It has been said that Kreskin’s days as an entertainer are over, but when the glitz wears off perhaps it’s time to change. The Amazing Kreskin truly has skills that need to be preserved and taught to future generations.

    If he dies before teaching his skills to others his light will not go on, but if he teaches his skills to others perhaps he will shine forever.

    It has fallen out of fashion to teach in this the decaying years of the republic, nevertheless, to teach is to impart oneself into one’s students.

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