iPhone/iPod Touch Will Have The Greatest Apps Evah!

Fake Steve Jobs ragged on this but I think it’s an exciting preview of the strange kinds of apps the iPod Touch and iPhone (and iPod Air?) will inspire.

Macintosh vets will remember the Talking Moose and Neko. As silly as they seemed, they made the PC guys gnash their teeth in envy (as they should have!).

I can’t wait for the SDK (iSDK?) to be released and for the flood of apps to begin. I expect the number and variety of apps to absolutely stagger those who have been used to apps for PalmOS and Windows Mobile.

I saw it happen way back when in the early days of the Mac. This will be those days all over again — only better!

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5 Comments on “iPhone/iPod Touch Will Have The Greatest Apps Evah!”

  1. Peter Says:

    Probably not, alas.

    From everything that I have heard, applications will have to be vetted by Apple before they will allowed to be placed on an iPhone.

  2. mikecane Says:

    I don’t see Apple judging apps on anything other than their adherence to whatever code rules they need to have to prevent haX0rz. I can’t see Apple forbidding Talking Moose or Neko!

    Also, even though “Apple Certified” apps will go through the iTunes Store, that’s not to say others won’t be available outside that avenue.

  3. Thomas B Says:

    Now that’s an inspired piece of programming – I can’t recall the last time I saw something like that on a Palm or Windows handheld

  4. avid_mass Says:

    I don’t see Apple embracing the open source community’s desires. An SDK doesn’t necessarily mean everyone’s going to think it’s great. I’m putting my money into real open standards, like the OpenMoko platform. Who cares if Apple’s design is cooler in looks. For me it’s just as powerful and even more so being a real open platform.

  5. I have Talking Moose on a floppy around here somewhere. And Neko the kitty. :)

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