Another iPhone Test

Posting from Apple Store Soho. This didn’t go as smoothly as the first test. Plus,I wasn’t able to post at all from an iPod Touch. I don’t know why yet. I think Safari might be fussy about dealing with the WordPress web interface. Doing this with my two thumbs is not nearly as bad as I would have expected it to be. I wouldn’t want to try a lengthy article. But who knows? If I was stuck somewhere with only this to use, I’d make an attempt. I could go on, but I’m standing up and my neck is protesting being tilted like this!

Update: The “lack of smoothness” I mention up there was my fault.  To get into the post entry web interface, I have to use a different route than on the desktop.  For some reason, Safari can’t understand the WordPress Dashboard’s drop-down menus.  So I have to tap on the hotlink to go directly to this blog first, then tap on Write to call up the post entry interface.  Other than having to remember to do that, everything was just swell.

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2 Comments on “Another iPhone Test”

  1. Judie Says:

    Mike, you’ll want to add this plugin to your site if you get a touch or iPhone – it makes posting and managing WP a breeze. Safari can be…quirky.

  2. mikecane Says:

    I’m using the free WordPress service. If they don’t offer something themselves, I can’t have it. (Oh the things people who have their own host can do with the WordPress software! Like embed Veoh video and other video! I can only haz YouTube here on the free side!)

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