Is The April 1, 2008 Truckers Strike Real?

Just look at the search slots taken up yesterday and today:


That’s unprecedented for this blog. And easily ties the Barbie Bandits at the old blog.

So I’d say, Yes. This Truckers Strike is real.


When, however, will the supressive mainstream press begin covering it in earnest?

God bless the American trucker!

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3 Comments on “Is The April 1, 2008 Truckers Strike Real?”

  1. rpw Says:

    when will MSM cover this?

    you’re asking a rhetorical question, right?

  2. Hindustan67 Says:

    Trucker’s strike 2008???? 150 trucks blocks off Harrisburg PA on April 1st, Trucks in NJ slows down to 20mph on the TPK??? Mid Georgia shuts down??? What the heck is this guys??? First of all the trucking industry is not a union. A union can hold a strike. We can hold a protest or a voluntary shutdown. But this highly unorganised thing you guys have been pulling since April 1st, is getting nowhere. The American public/consumers/non truckers are just laughing at us. Yes us! Trucker here, writing this on my laptop sitting here at the T/A Bridgeport MI Ex144 I75. I am a company driver, cant initiate a shutdown, for my company will just fire me and hire a new sucker with promises of seeing the country while getting paid good. (Paid good?? Joke!)
    YOU NEED TO SHUT DOWN 750,000 PLUS TRUCK ALL OVER! U NEED TO GET MAJOR TRUCKING COMPANIES LIKE WERNER,SCHNEIDER,SWIFT,J.B.HUNT,MARTEN,SMITH TRANSPORT,CRST,ROELL,COWAY,FEDEX,UPS,WALMART,QUALITY CARRIERS..just to name a shut down with you. Otherwise this so called strike is just making us look bad, to an already decided crowd of consumers that do not respect the American Trucker, who thinks we are a bunch of uneducated screwballs that can’t do anything else in life but hold on to a steering wheel. (They forget that many of today’s truckers come from all walks of life, ex former engineers,lawyers,police officers,doctors etc, who lost their mundane 9-5 jobs right after September 11th 2001.).
    So till you can shut down 750,000 plus trucks on one given day for 6 days, these folks are gonna just sit there and laugh at us. And those big companies are going to pass on their fuel surcharges to their customers, and if you guys keep this up, they will find some other ways of moving their freight. That many do allready, by rail. Or lower paid Mexican drivers or Indian and Pakistani drivers from Canada.

  3. R.C. Haak Says:

    It would be nice if all joined in but in reality Walmart stores are thriving in the bad economy – Demand that Walmart join and stop the wheels rolling – If they do not, then picket the Wal-Mart stores and get the attention of the consumer and the coporate officers of the corporate giant – Bob

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