CBS: Million Dollar Password

Regis Philbin, who had his Millionaire show run into the ground by the eejits at ABC, has now surfaced on CBS with another million-dollar game show: Million Dollar Password.

It’s quite different than the classic game, where one clue was shown and passed between a celebrity-contestant team until one got it right to score a point. Now each celebrity-contestant plays a total of four rounds, with the passwords staying within each team. Whoever wins the best of four (or four plus a tiebreaker which goes back to classic Password style) is eligible to play for one million dollars in a series of rounds of increasing difficulty.

It’s fast paced and exciting!

I missed it last week, forgot to see it on the Net as a repeat, and I’m catching tonight’s episode.

It’s so great to see Betty White play. She is so damned good!

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