When An Expert Uses An iPhone

This is the kind of stuff that just fascinates me. What happens when someone with a specific expertise gets his hand on an iPhone and shows how it’s all done?

It looks like this:

Henny makes beat on iPhone 3G using Beatmaker!!! PART 1


See his post and listen to the finished MP3.

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8 Comments on “When An Expert Uses An iPhone”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Holy Crap!!!!!
    Now let me see someone do that on a Blackberry or N95

  2. Ben Saren Says:

    Wow! Who needs a MacBook?

  3. Cool! Have you seen Band by Moo Cow Music?

  4. rattyuk Says:

    @ Partners in Grime

    This is SO different from Moo Cow Music… Although fun BAND is not a patch on this…

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  6. abarclay12 Says:

    I lost him after he said I could put 808’s on my iPhone. What the hell is an 808?

  7. mikecane Says:

    Email him and ask. Now you know how I felt in the early 1980s looking at Help Wanted ads and wondering what the hell ADABAS was. Ha! 1337sp33k.

  8. jeremy Says:

    808 refers to the roland tr-808 drum machine. A must have for anyone into dance music.

    From now I am going to pronounce quantize as quanitize.

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