Comic Books (Almost) Come To iPhone

I was just bleating the other day about the death of print and how comics should be going e (especially Warren Ellis, who I consider the Gold Standard of graphic novelists active on the Net).

I didn’t know one comics publisher in England is already moving that way: iPhone comics app arrives — Read 2000AD on your handset

From the App Store:

Clickwheel Comic ReaderFREE (link opens iTunes)

Warren Ellis, who first trumpted 2000AD being downloadable, might take some notice.

I’m not certain how good an experience these Clickwheel items will be on an iPhone. They are PDFs. Unless the PDFs have been customized to fit actual size on the screen, I suspect there will be a lot of pinching in/out and 4-way moving around in panels for reading.

But also of note is a Japanese company that it seems is offering, um, something. I’m not quite sure what. Manga or Manga-like cover over a text book?

Again from the App Store:

BBMFFREE (link opens iTunes)

BBMFFREE (link opens iTunes)

(Yes, they have the same name, but are two different items.)

Entire listing, click = big

Since the file I’m showing here is 5.5MB in size, I have to think this is an actual Manga. Unfortunately, they don’t show anything beyond the cover shown above!

I don’t have an iPhone yet. But I’ve just dragooned someone cross-country to try one of these Japanese ones and send me some screensnaps. I will post again tomorrow.

Meantime, if anyone has tried either of these, leave a Comment. If you’ve seen reviews, leave a Comment with a link!

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One Comment on “Comic Books (Almost) Come To iPhone”

  1. selftappingscrewkit Says:

    omgzz !! i love this !!!

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