Apple Approves Of Shooting Nurses In The Face!

mj via Twitter informed me of a game available on the UK iTunes App Store, called Silent Hill: The Escape.

This is the listing at the UK App Store:

Click = big

In this not-so-charming little game, one of the things to do is shoot nurses in the face:


Don’t look for it in the American App Store. I already did. It’s not there.

That raises several questions:

1) Was it rejected for inclusion in the American App Store?

1a) If so, how can Apple approve it for the UK App Store?

2) If it’s still pending approval for the American App Store, will it now get it?

3) How is shooting a nurse in the face not worse than using “objectionable” language?

4) If an argument is made that the nurse is “imaginary,” guess what? So are the characters in an eBook!

5) Is provoking people to actively shoot nurses in the face better than passively reading, say, the word fuck in an eBook?

6) Does Apple at this point have any leg to stand on in terms of defining what’s “objectionable” and what’s not?

7) How can Apple claim a moral high ground in terms of eBooks when it continues to make epic profits from music and movies that are far worse than language in eBooks?

8) When will Apple stop making itself a hypocritical laughingstock?


Silent Hill on App Store

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5 Comments on “Apple Approves Of Shooting Nurses In The Face!”

  1. Apple is usually pretty good at shooting itself in the foot.

  2. RN against violence Says:

    I am curious why the nurses need to be shot. Actually, not really. What was Apple thinking in creating this game? I am writing a paper for school on violence in emergency departments. One of my sources states that part of the reason for the increase in violence is our declining respect for authority. With games such as this one and ones where police officers are shot for points, it is no wonder that teens, or adults for that matter, no longer respect people that are just trying to do their jobs.

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  5. Laust Says:

    The “nurses” in question are monsters created by the malevolent spirit of the town “Silent Hill” and are drawn from the subconscious mind of the protagonist of the game (the player’s character).

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