Amazing Kreskin: Our Next President Will Be …

The Amazing Kreskin Casts His Ballot

(AP) No votes have been cast for president yet. But the Kreskin primary is over.

George Kresge Jr., better known as The Amazing Kreskin, wrote the name of his choice to win next year’s election, had a rabbi sign the paper and dropped it into a locked box on Thursday.

Kreskin says he didn’t want to make a presidential prediction. But the name of the winner came to him three months ago and wouldn’t leave him alone. So he came up with the scheme to write it down and lock it away.

“If I can remain impartial at least by putting it away, sealing it, having someone witness what I wrote, then I can at least get the credit. Because I really think I hit it,” the 72-year-old mentalist said.

He left the box for safekeeping on a shelf above the bar at the World Bar, across the street from the United Nations.

Just in case that’s not secure enough, Kreskin’s giving a copy to Joey Reynolds, a talk show host on a New York radio station, WOR-AM.

All I have to say is, it better be Ralph Nader!

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