Redflying At The Borg Hive

Judie Lipsett of Gear Diary is my mole at the Borg Hive Microsoft’s latest Mobius indoctrination brainwashing Kool-Aid drinkfest conference.

But I think she’s playing double-agent on me.

This is the latest photo she sent me:

That’s Matt Miller, the ZDNet madman blogger, who pairs a $500 Redfly with a $1,000 HTC Advantage.

I still don’t know why oh why.

Anyway, Judie’s got her eyes open to steal snatch lift beg an HTC Advantage for me (if her programming hasn’t worn off!).

Because the best price is always free.

Especially when it comes to Windows Mobile.

(You just know Hell will serve ice cream before I see one now!)

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