MSI Wind & Mac OS X: I Ask The Stupid Questions

Extreme nOOb questions!

Extreme nOOb questions!

OK, I’m not ashamed to show my lack of tech savvy. But I also figure if I’m the one to look stupid by asking these, others will be spared that shame and so we can all be happy.

1) I have “the file” residing on my Win XP desktop PC’s hard drive.

2) This PC cannot do DVDs, only CD-Rs.

Question 1: Is it OK to put “the file” on a portable HD to hook to another machine that can do DVD?

Question 2: I don’t suppose I could just put “the file” on a USB stick and boot from that?

Question 3: If I were to get my own DVD writer, any suggestions? I know there are two competing formats and I don’t want to get stuck with the least-popular one. Ideally, it should work under XP (the desktop) and OS X (for later use) — and with USB 2.0.

Question 4: If I get the DVD writer, what authoring software is recommended? Is it eejit-proof to create an ISO DVD? (I tried doing an ISO CD-R of Puppy Linux last year using Roxio CD Creator 5 and it was FAIL. I am scarred by the experience!)

Question 5: How long to create such a DVD?

Anything I’m missing?

Thanks in advance. You’re helping everyone by replying!

Note: Do not answer on this blog. Click the top link to answer in that forum so everyone will benefit!

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