Photo Album: Latest Sylvania Netbook At J&R

I popped into J&R this morning. I saw a white MSI Wind. I also saw the latest version of Sylvania’s Netbook and grabbed some pics with the Philips crapcam.

Asus EeePC 1000, Sylvania Netbook

MSI Wind, Asus EeePC 1000, Sylvania Netbook, older Sylvania Netbook

Notice how the keyboard looks real

See that keyboard?

Looks good, huh?

Left, third row from top: near-microscopic Tab key!

This unit had a “Ubuntu Certified” sticker on it …

… yeah, like WTF?

Sylvania (or whoever created this design) cheated on that keyboard. The keys are tapered to be narrow on top, to provide the look of a real keyboard. Then when you try to type, you fall through the trapdoor into Typo City! The key depth is great, but the keytops are so damned small, it’s near impossible to do even slow typing without hitting the wrong key.

I guess there was some sort of customized version of Ubuntu running on it. I launched OpenOffice to try typing. And it was so slow!

J&R didn’t have a price for this. Their website lists it at $359.00.

Pass it up.

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