Writer Ken Bruen Wins Another Reader

REVIEW: ‘ The Guards’ by Ken Bruen (Jack Taylor series)

I’ve mentioned Ken Bruen several times, most prominently here perhaps.

On Twitter, @avidbookreader was looking for book/writer suggestions. I recommended Bruen, among others.

I’d say that puts some weight behind this study: Online Reviews Second Only to Word of Mouth as Purchase Influencer in US. (Thanks @KatMeyer!)

Too bad, you know, that St. Martin’s Press isn’t paying attention. Or any other dying dinosaur of print, for that matter.

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One Comment on “Writer Ken Bruen Wins Another Reader”

  1. Ken Bruen Says:

    Mike, buddy
    God bless your wondrous warm heart
    I’m delighted
    I owe you mega
    mainly, I’m so deeply grateful
    Thank you

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