FREE eBooks, Excerpts, Stories!

I’ve been meaning to do this and the mood struck me to do it today, to get me away from the financial news.

It’s a list of all the posts from the past nine months of this blog that point to freebies: entire ebooks, or print-book/eBook excerpts, or entire short stories.

I’ve checked the links. Everything should be good to go in each post. If you find a problem, leave a Comment.

If you have stuff of your own, see the last post I link to!

Free Short Story By Writer Joseph Devon
Free Book Preview: Nicholas Sparks
Six Free eBook Excerpts From Penguin Books
Free eBook: Dr. Weston A. Price
Free Crime Fiction: Plots With Guns #3
Brave Move For Happy Hour Is 9 To 5 Book
Free Crime Fiction: Hardluck Stories
Three For The Victorians
Free Book Excerpt: Xronixle
Free Short Story: The Precog Blog
Free Short Fiction: Apex Digest Online
Norm Cowie: Free Book Excerpts
Free eBook: Of The Night By Cliff Burns
Free Education Tech eBooks
Reference: Twenty Free eBook Sites
Reference: 100 Book/eBook Sites
Free eBook: Whiskey Sour
Free eBook: Publishing
Free eBook: Hal Spacejock
Free eBook: Trigger Happy (original post)
Free Webcomic: The Probability Broach
Free PDF eBook: Time Capsule Rarity
Another Free eBook
Three Free eBooks! (more than three now!)
Cliff Burns: Free Novel!
K.A. Bedford: Yeah!!
Free eBooks! (WOWIO; might be problematic)
Free Two Chapters of Harlan Coben’s New Novel
Sliding Friction: A Free PDF
FreakAngels Has Begun (Warren Ellis; 27 parts now!)
Free Short Story From Max Barry

READ THIS if you have writing on the Net as for-free or for-pay: Who’s Flogging Their Work Online?

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2 Comments on “FREE eBooks, Excerpts, Stories!”

  1. ashwin Says:

    good work.

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